Warm up your lunch, change your life

Don't actually turn that thing on!

Welcome to Microwave Meditations. This blog is half cheerful collaboration/half cranky debate between a committed deep thinker and a stumbling meditation teacher. Both of us propose that it’s possible to pause, in the midst of a standard-issue busy work day, and reflect for 3 minutes. This is just about the amount of time you end up standing around waiting for your lunch to heat up, or your copy job to finish, or for the conference room to empty out. We say, put this time to good use: consider your life, this moment, what you want. We’re here to invite you to ponder. We’ll give you some food for thought and some actions to take. Try stuff out, and tell us what you find out. We want to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Warm up your lunch, change your life

  1. Belated birthday wishes and congrats. Sorry I missed your party.

    I LOVE that your using the place (Internet) where we’re already hooked into to catch us in the midst of the flurry and STOP to pay attention and bring ourselves back to awareness. It’s making it (our practice) so accessible. Like the mindfulness bell, the copier, the microwave, it’s all about working with what is already there right now! Thanks, and I’ll be tuning in to share the moment.

    Martha Mae

    P.S. If you haven’t already, check out Wonder Well Mountain Refuge, new in Springfield ,NH. Just visited this weekend, and felt so at home.

    • Martha Mae, thanks so much for your response, especially for commenting on using the bits of stuff around us as cues to tune in. Who knew the photocopier could be our meditation pal? And, YES! For the longer pause, I look forward to visiting Wonder Well soon! All the best, Margaret

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