Stop Sign Pause

This is Numero Uno, the most basic, your main go-to meditation bit. This is the “how to boil water” of all microwave meditations. It doesn’t take 3 minutes…more like 10 seconds. You can do this!

Directions for STOP (notice the acronym):

  1. S   Stop
  2. T   Take a breath, in and then out. Be with it while it’s happening.
  3. O   Open: relax and open your senses; take in what’s inside you and around you
  4. P   Proceed

Try this meditation during the most ordinary kinds of activities, and see if you can sprinkle it throughout your workday. For example, let’s say you arrive early and are waiting for the last page to spit out of the network printer. In this case, let yourself hear the sounds of the printer and watch the paper feed smoothly out of the machine. Take in what’s been on the walls all these months. Feel the fabric of your shirt against your arms. Do this, and notice that you give yourself a fantastic little micro-vacation from the pressures of the day.

Think of this like you do taking a Friday off. You know, how you kind of sneak in a little 3-day vacation, for the low, low price of one precious day off? With just one day out of your bank, you get a three-day vacation where you can recharge and renew. It’s the same with a few seconds of real rest. If you do this mini-break every now and then during the day, you find yourself running out of gas a lot less often run. Just stop for a few seconds to observe with curiosity and an open mind.

The mini-vacation doesn’t replace the need for the real thing, but it really helps keep the tank from running out during the time when you’re cranking it out. That’s the case whether it’s the 3-day vacation or the 10-second breather.

Okay, now go give it a try, over the next day or so. And then report back. This is important for a lot of reasons, for you AND for us. Can’t wait to hear back!


4 thoughts on “Stop Sign Pause

    • Hi, Lynn! Thanks for finding this!

      We’re just getting started with this new blog. It’s meant to give people a quickly digestible, easily deployable means for examining stress/difficulty/life at work, to do something about what feels so unsolvable about it all. We are VERY interested in people’s feedback, especially after they try stuff out. We’ll be starting on a weekly post, this week I hope, and get our discipline up and running. It’s kinda, about, well, daily salvation. At work. Har.

      Tell us what you think! Give us feedback, critique, kudos, anything! XO Margaret

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