Who’s in control?

One way we know who we are is through the memories we have of ourselves.  But ask yourself this:  How reliable is that?  If I remember selectively, am I missing or downplaying slices of my identity?

What about the memories of other people?  Could their memories shape your identity, especially if your identity is more than what you know about yourself.

Is anyone in control of his or her own identity?



2 thoughts on “Who’s in control?

  1. My personality is experience and emotion, tied together by memory and desire. When I rest in the present, the ties become loose, even dissolve. And then who I am fills who i am – the vital luminous empty stillness. (FYI, this is Margaret posting an answer shared by a reader on Facebook)

  2. Some friends posed this question of identity (more or less the same question) at a monthly discussion group. I couldn’t be there but here are three quick points that I was told came up:
    We talked about reconstructing memories to use them for future life’s strengths.(esp. tramatic experiences/memories)
    We talked about how memories or the stories of the memory change each time they are remembered and re-told.
    We talked about the sense of smell triggering a memory.

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