Identity control re-heat

I have watched myself, all week; I’ve been bumping into others, taking on bits and pieces of them, sloughing some off immediately and forming around other parts more lastingly. My identity seems quite malleable, easily jiggled by encounters with the world and with my own stream of thoughts about all of that.

How does this identity thing work, after all? Let us know what you’ve noticed…  ~Margaret


3 thoughts on “Identity control re-heat

  1. Well, Buddhas Brain and Rick Hanson has proved with functional MRI’s that our identity is quite malleable. Everything about it impermanent, changing sometimes momentarily.

    We construct our ego out of past random memories, then we weave them together in a narrative we call (I) me, we etc. There is no subject for the question of Who am I?

    I am present with all my emotions and abilities at hand for use. So, if you followed you r breath with daily practice maybe, you could step back and let all that you are encountering flow right on through without any identifying.

    We can exist with the ego on the back burner or as I like mine to be my servant.

    I wrote a post because of all the who am I and people with PTSD have thoughts that set off our fight or flight mechanism. This causes us to have tunnel vision, hearing loss, loss of fine motor skills, respiratory, BP and heart rate accelerated along with our blood being pumped to,our extremities to run or stand and fight.

    So understanding thoughts and who am I is critical. So I wrote a post and said we are the egos God. Think about it we created it and some religions see God as a creator. No disrespect to any religion, just making the point we made the ego, why serve him.

    So if you,learn to stay present without worry and experience all before you, identity is of little cocern to a steady mind. I am more interested in good food.

    Hope that comes close

  2. Wow I made all that up, but “I” assure you I have changed and for the better.

    Next time we converse everything will be different guaranteed.

    maybe I will show up invisible, then what identity would you grant me?

    Sir Launcelot entices my ego, a narcissistic chap may I share with you, at times.

    What do you believe?

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