The Wrong Finish Line

Sangudo via Flickr Creative Commons

We live in a goal and achievement oriented society. This is how we go places and make things. Great.

Most of us will set some sort of goals for ourselves. Many more of us will have goals set for us by the powers above or by the conditions we find ourselves in.

For a moment, set aside the goals that are imposed on you and think about the ones you set for yourself. Pause and ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Can I remember where I was when I set that goal, or did it sort of sneak up on me?
  2. In a tangible, practical sense, what difference will it make if I  achieve this goal?
  3. Am I certain that whatever that difference is, that, in fact, it is key to my sense of satisfaction?

These are some of the acid questions to assess your goals.  Each one might take you down a rabbit hole that lasts more than three minutes.  Take your time.  You can put your thoughts on pause and revisit them later.  The point of this Thought Starter is to put your goals through a rigorous reality check. And speaking of reality, we assume that your goal is realistic and not, for example, a dream of winning the lottery or the companion wish — having been born to fabulously wealthy parents; both are equally likely to come to fruition.

One final thought:  If you answer these questions and your goal falls short, do what common sense dictates.



5 thoughts on “The Wrong Finish Line

  1. Darn you, MM! I guess I will go spend fifteen minutes cleaning my bedroom. Because it would be respectful of my own being’s safe harbor & resting place, and I keep pretending everything else is more important.

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