Less Than Ideal

Today’s thought starter began taking shape at a poetry reading contest.  Every year, thousands of kids around the country memorize three poems and recite them on stage as part of the national Poetry Out Loud competition.  I was at one of the earliest rounds, one to choose two winners from just  seven high schools in central New Hampshire.

One sophomore girl was head and shoulders above the rest and here’s what I feel made the difference:  She loved each poem to the point that she put herself aside and let the heart of the poem speak through her.  Each poem she chose was a challenge to memorize; each was quite different from the others; and for each, her persona shifted accordingly.

Her immersion and satisfaction stemmed from a deep affection for her subject.

How often does that happen for you?  Often, occasionally, rarely?  At work or never at work?

Harold Lloyd puts in on the line for love in “Safety Last”

Before we wander down the path of pining for the ideal life, we should ask a more important question:  Might it be a good thing that we don’t live in that ideal state all the time?  What reasons merit us doing that which is less than ideal?

Why do we give up doing what we love and why might we be better for it?  And just to keep the whipsaw action going, that moment of immersion is good for us.  Can you describe the last time it happened for you?


4 thoughts on “Less Than Ideal

  1. not to be flippant, but it takes too much energy to be ideal all the time. It’s exhausting. I think it’s unrealistic to hope to live ideally all the time – it’s just not practical and it could do more harm to one’s mental state to attempt it than to recognize and relish the individual moments.

    I think that’s what makes the ideal moments special – they are unique, separate from every day living. When doing what you love becomes a daily burden, you lose your ability to love it anymore.

  2. I could not be ideal all the time. It would be incredibly boring. I would have no friends as they probably would say- who the heck wants to hang out with that “Perfect Princess”.

    But I do love it when that special moment happens and you know that you have just done something powerful and fun and you pump your arms and say- That was great!! It does happen to me at work and it happens in my personal life also- today as a matter of fact (the work part actually- not both). I accomplished something that I thought would not turn out too well and when it went my way, I did the “Yah Baby thing ” at my desk and frightened someone in my work space. I do get carried away………

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