Scan Re-Heat

Here’s a follow-up to this week’s post. What is this Bottom Up-Top Down Scan about, anyway? Microwave Meditation’s co-author, Jon, was asking me what benefit is derived from this practice. So rather than limit it to just my experience, I’m throwing the question out to you all. Whether you’ve practiced this kind of body scan meditation just a few days, or over the course of months or years, tell us: Why do it? What has happened for you with the body scan?



2 thoughts on “Scan Re-Heat

  1. The Body Scan is the easiest part of my practice. I can do it anywhere and at any time. I use it regularly just to check in with my body and to help manage pain. I often combine it with Floor Yoga during my morning practice. I also can easily follow it with a longer silent meditation. The Body Scan is truly my friend!

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