Could I have a moment?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a guarantee. So I want to offer you one of my all-time favorite, virtually guaranteed Microwave Meditations. It exists in the form of a simple question. It’s  useful in a multitude of situations. You can use it by yourself or in interaction. And it goes like this:

Could I have a moment?

Thanks to Flickr for the photo

Now, precisely what this meditation guarantees you is something you’ll have to find out for yourself. Still, I want to offer you my guarantee, as the purveyor of this particular practice. I hereby guarantee you that the answer, one way or another, is always “yes.” You can always have every moment you’re willing to actually have, every one that you’d really like to have. Asking yourself this question gives you the real chance to have the moment. Asking someone else the question performs the same function. All we have is moments, after all, so why not go about actually HAVING them.

And, once you are actually having your moments, what you can and will discover through this practice, within it, is boundless.


4 thoughts on “Could I have a moment?

  1. I give myself those moments often during the day. When it all gets a little crazy, I look out my office window, close my eyes, breathe and go quiet inside. It is even better when I sit in my big chair at home, feel the breeze float over my face, smell the air outside and take lots of those moments- as many as I can get……….

  2. Very often, I find myself asking ‘can I have a moment?’ with myself. These times usually arise when I feel conflicted or ambivalent about some pressing matter that’s knocking around in my brain, troubling me with its lack of clarity or resolution. When I agree to have that moment’with myself, I go into it hoping that this brief meditation on my problem will produce an expeditious and miraculous solution to my woe. I’m sorry to report no such results have occurred. Then I wonder – does practice make perfect? If I practiced meditation more consistently, more committedly, then maybe when I engage in these mini-meditations, these moments with myself, maybe I’d experience the eureka moment that I’m longing for. But the good news to report is that when I am ‘in the moment’ with myself, mindfulness takes me where I need to go. It may not be in the direction of solving my problem, but no worries – it usually leads me to some other interesting ruminations that would not have surfaced if it weren’t for allowing myself that moment, and respecting the beauty and power of the practice of mindfulness.

    • Thank you for this, Pam. The beauty, the power… and the mystery. We never know what we’re going to find when we look. Paraphrasing our friend Forrest, moments are like a box of chocolates… ~Margaret

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